The Textbook Project commenced at the end of 2011 for the 2012 school year. A pilot program provided 10 disadvantaged secondary students with their textbooks and calculators. The program has expanded each year. In 2013, 50 students received their textbooks and the year 11 students also received calculators. In 2014, 66 students were assisted.
The Textbook Project has only been possible with the support, of local families and schools donating calculators and textbooks; Scotch College, Ruyton Girls School, Trinity College, Grammar School, Carey Baptist Grammar School, Lauriston Girls School, Fintona Girls School and Wesley College. Books are also traded with the book seller Recycled Textbooks in Mont Albert.
In 2013/14 ForChildren (Australia) Inc. was assisted by volunteers from the Rotary Club of Melbourne and  Collingwood College provided us with a work and storage space.

During 2014 partnerships were formed with Rotary Club of Melbourne, 20th Man Youth Fund’s (now the Les Twentyman Foundation) Back To School program and ARDOCH Youth Foundation with the aim of ng the program’s reach in 2015.   We had thousands of leftover quality but out of date secondary school library and textbooks and no where to send them until we were introduced to William Kerua and Anna Wai from Papua New Guinea. While living in Australia Anna and William  were collecting secondhand textbooks to sent to the extremely disadvantaged schools in Morobe Province , Papua New Guinea. A perfect match!

In October 2014 Textbooks for Papua New Guinea was born. Textbooks for Papua New Guinea is a collaboration of ForCHILDREN (Australia) Inc. with Lydia Kelland of Recycled Textbooks , the Les Twentyman Foundation’s Back To School program, Rotary Club of St Kilda, Rotary Club of Melbourne, Rotary Donations In Kind and Rotary Club Lae Huon Gulf PNG

11 months later, 19,000 books had been sorted into class sets and packed into 1,000 boxes which were labelled, entered on an inventory and allocated to schools in Morobe Province  The books and 283 kg of library shelving were transported by Rotary Donations In Kind from 5 storage locations to their warehouse in Footscray where their volunteers packed them  into our 20ft container.The container departed Melbourne in November 2015 and after lengthy delays in PNG customs was delivered to Lae UniTech where William has now taken up an academic  position.With our support, William now has the difficult task of  organising the  transportation and distribution of the books to schools in Lae and in remote areas of Morobe Province.We look forward  to updating you by posting news from William. DIK PACKING TEAM 24.09.15

Our thanks go to the many people who have been so very generous in their support; the 21 Melbourne secondary schools and many individuals who donated textbooks and Sienna College who donated library shelving, Lydia Kelland of Recycled Textbooks & her volunteers, Quin Scalzo of  Scalzo Foods,  VISY Industries, John King , Julie King & Andrew McDonald of Kings Self Storage, Mark Wright of Wright Logistics, Don McKenzie of  TOMAX Logistics, Carolina Morales & Russell Minkie of ANL Logistics, West Brighton Club members and friends who attended the fund raising Wonderful Wine Dinner,  volunteers from ForCHILDREN (Australia) Inc. Rotary Club of St Kilda, Rotary Club of Melbourne, Rotary Donations In Kind and Rotary Club Lae Huon Gulf, Roslyn Andrews , Richard Tregear and the volunteers & staff at Les Twentyman Foundation’s Back To School program.

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