During the 1st International Forum for Child Welfare in 1989 Dr Christopher Daniel, Executive Director of the Goodwill Social Work Centre established a relationship with the Victorian Children’ s Aid Society. The Victorian Children’ s Aid Society which then became OzChild, provided support to the Goodwill Social Work Centre until 1999 when ForCHILDREN (Australia) Inc. took on this role.

In 2007 ForCHILDREN (Australia) Inc. committee members, Rev Denis Oakley and Lesley Oakley, Dr George Tippett and Naomi Tippett, visited the Goodwill Social Work Centre. The Chances for Children Madurai partnership followed in 2008. and ForCHILDREN (Australia) Inc. provided funds for the establishment of a school and library.

 In 1993 Kirsten Oakley, spent the year on work experience at the Goodwill Social Work Centre. In 2010 she returned on behalf of ForCHILDREN (Australia) Inc.
 who now provide on-going support for the Chances for Children Madurai Project.





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